Next Drop

Dear sixties souls, we will soon release our first mini skirt named Mary. Being an emblem of the sixties the mini skirt is an essential garment of '60s wardrobe.

This was mandatory to us, we just wanted to find the right fabrics. It will come in a black glitter fabric & in a cardinal red silk velvet.

Designed & made in Paris with rescued fabrics coming from the sleepy stock of a great fashion house.

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Acid Head Capsule

Discover our new capsule collection inspired by the Hippie's words and expressions.

The youth of the sixties saw momentous shifts in political, social, and environmental awareness. Those consciousness evolutions needed a new identity which appears to the youth of the '60s & '70s as a new way of talking and dressing.

At Good Morning Keith the lexical field of the hippies is part of our daily talks and is the langage of our DNA.

Shark Collar Shirt

Discover our iconic unisex shark-collar short sleeve shirts. This garments are inspired by the '60s Californian fashion codes.

Designed & fully made in Paris with rescued fabrics coming from the sleepy stock of a great fashion house.

Permanent Collection

Dear sixties souls, we are very pleased to present you our permanent collection. It gathers our iconic vision of the "Modern Sixties Wardrobe".

All the design and production process are fully made in Paris. To avoid fabric wastes and overproduction, we fabric every pieces on order with rescued fabrics coming from the sleepy stocks of great fashion houses.

Our Bandanas

All of our bandanas are handmade by Paulette in her creative studio. At 82 years old, she continues to maintain her passion for fashion and sewing.

Discover, along our interview, her relation with music, the know-how behind each bandanas and how she flew through the sixties!


Dear sixties souls, we are very thrilled to introduce to you the Good Morning Keith Diary. This journey was born following our desire to put the light on artists who share the same inspirations as we do and to talk about their relation to clothes and styling.

For your first step into the Good Morning Keith diary, we would like to introduce to you Andrée Beaubois!