In the 1960'S a new generation started to rethink our societies by questioning Women's rights, Military interventions, Human sexuality, Authority, Ecology, and the use of Psychedelic drugs.

Following these concepts many key movements were born using fashion as a social marker.

Good Morning Keith

Inspired by the musical and cultural movements of this area, Good Morning Keith was founded around the key ideas of the sixties counterculture: ecological awareness, higher consciousness & personal empowerment.

We aim to tribute those who made things changed for the best during this part of history!


We design clothes to dress free minds, rebels, believers, artists and daydreamers. We believe that they're the ones who can make things move forward and lead to a better earth. Why? because they're brave enough to do it.

By being sensitive to different means of expression we approach our work with the music, the books, the movies and the key ideas of the sixties.


Knowing the harmful impact of the fashion industry on the environment, we attach a great amount of importance in producing ethical and sustainable products!

Concerning our tees, we've decided to work with a fully organic cotton certified GOTS, FAIR WEAR and OEKO-TEX standard 100. The other garments are made in Paris from rescued fabrics coming from the left-overs of Parisian Maisons de Couture.


Conscious of the excessive production caused by the fashion industry schedule, we've decided to take control of our own production calendar by developing our collections at our own rhythm .

We've always been very careful when it comes to the sustainability of our products, the quality of our manufacturing, the forging of ethical partnerships, and the way we deal with humans. We will never let any ideas spoil those values.