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🌈 Knowing the harmful impact of the fashion industry on the environment it is our duty to attach huge importance to ethics and sustainability! We've written this article to explain our way of working, thinking and producing so you can know what you are actually buying 🙃


Concerning our tees, we've decided to work with a fully organic cotton 🍃 This means that the cotton we use has only grown with water and not with any pesticides or chemical products. This farming process is natural, GMO-free fiber and uses less water 🌻

Using organic cotton has many positive impacts on quality, on the environnement and on the farmers health. By producing organic cotton, cottons farms keep the air clean, preserve wildlife and help to remove CO2 from the atmosphere with healthy fertile soil 🌞It also require less water. A tee made of organic cotton approximately requires 1200L while one made of chemical cotton needs 2500L.

Another great impact of organic cotton is that it is fairly traded because it's regulated. This assures safety conditions of working and rights, and pays a fair wage helping to support cotton farmers 🌸

⚠️ Pesticides & Chemical products are often used by fast fashion companies to accelerate the growing of the plant and increase the production. However, they have many toxic physical properties. It deteriorates the quality of the plant, the land where it has grown, the farmers health and expose your skin to harmful chemicals products!

For example, toxic pesticides used in conventional cotton farming can travel up to 25 miles in the air and water streams causing poisoning, infertility and birth defects ⚠️

Moreover, we are proud that our manufacturer is certified GOTS, FAIR WEAR, GRS Certified, OCS, PETA APPROVED VEGAN and OEKO-TEX. If you havn't heard about those labels, we highly advise you to check their work. They are doing a wonderful job assuring that the all production cycle (from farming to expedition) is sustainable and ethical ✌🏻


For all the product (except tees) we rescue fabrics from dead stocks of great fashion houses to realize our creations ✌🏻 Through this up-cycling process we don't create any material, we only use fabrics that are left in stocks.

This way of doing also allows us to work high quality fabrics that wouldn't have been accessible for a young independent brand like Good Morning Keith 🌻 Therefore, all of our creations are limited editions as fabrics are bought in limited quantities.


🙃 All of our creations are made in Paris, close to the showroom. The atelier has been working with great fashion house such as Irié, Agnes B, Uni... and has a high expertise in tailoring!

Conscious of the excessive production cause by the fashion industry schedule, we've decided to take control of our own production calendar by leading our collections at our own rhythm 🌱We've always been very careful concerning the quality of our manufacture, the ethic, the sustainability and the way we deal with humans. We will never let any ideas spoil those values.

🌼By being the leader of our own calendar, we will launch new products/collections once they will be ready 🌼

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