Paulette & Julien

GMK is the brainchild of Julien Aussel, 27, founder and creative director.

Musician and self-taught designer, Julien has developed an early fascination for couture and counterculture transmitted by his grandmother Paulette, 84.

Together, they have forged a brand infused with 1960’s and 70’s aesthetics : Good Morning Keith was born out of a desire for freedom combined with savoir-faire and a great dose of attitude, with music at its core.

Since 2018, GMK offers a genderfluid wardrobe made of upcycled fabrics sourced from renowned Maisons de couture : a made-to-order model underlining the eco consciousness of the brand. 

Merging the past, the present and the future, Paulette and Julien create a timeless regenerative vestiaire aimed at freethinkers and illuminated minds of all eras.