Collections Odyssey


Good Morning Keith draw inspiration from visual artists, designers and musicians that infused the counter-culture from the 1960-70’s and beyond.

These innovators, rulebreakers and free-thinkers provide the fertile ground where GMK has grown, led by Creative Director Julien Aussel who constantly pays tribute to these iconoclast figures who inspire him.

He brings to life a genderfluid wardrobe with a timeless feel instilled by experimental cinema, underground music and cutting-edge fashion, aimed at creative spirits all around the world.


GMK collections consist of a variety of iconic styles merging a flower-power wardrobe with avant-garde silhouettes.

All our garments are designed in our creative studio in Paris and come to life with the help of deadstock premium fabrics sourced from renowned French couture Houses.

First come the sketches, then the fabric selection to find the perfect match. Ultimately, the lucky one is pinned on our Holy Inspiration board, soon to materialize into a groovy garment in the GMK collections.

Always coming in limited quantities, these fabrics are only available for a short time, making each item unique and rare.

How We Move

To stay true to our global sustainable commitment, we are doing our best to reduce GMK carbon footprint to the very minimum.

Therefore, the deadstock fabrics rolls used to craft our garments are only transported by bicycle in Paris, from our workshop to the studio.

While being inspired by great odysseys, we believe that it is our responsibility to keep the whole production process local in order to create a more righteous system.


Each GMK garment is made-to-order and our comprehensive approach is led by a quality-driven ethos.

There is no fabric waste or overstock: we only start the production of a garment when an order is placed on our website.

Located in le Belleville district in Paris, our atelier is where the magic happens and the manufacturing process begins. It combines high-end ancient savoir-faire with modern tools, providing the finest tailored clothing.


To offer you the best experience, we are committed to taking great care of every step, and shipping is no exception.

We deliver bespoke craftsmanship up to labelling and packaging: every item is carefully wrapped in silk paper and comes with a dedicated hang tag.

Until your doorstep, Good Morning Keith is dedicated to making your journey flawless and enjoyable.