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Good Morning Keith Sam France Foxygen Playlist Musical Brain Scan

Dear music lovers, we're very thrilled to introduce you today a new Musical Brain Scan!

For this second playlist of September, we are very thrilled to introduce you Sam France. He is the voice behind Foxygen: an independant Californian rock-leaning experimental pop project. Their approach to performance often evokes acts like Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Lou Reed as much as do their songs.

If your hears haven't been connected to their work yet we highly recommend you to dive into their discography! What a wonderful trip it is.

We've asked Sam for his Musical Brain Scan, here it is:

Keep your head up - Milk can

Sticky hands - Brain child

Dig it - The Beatles

You oughta know - Das racist

My daddy works for the secret marines - Zoog’s rift

Hollywood baby - Billy Tibbals

New tissue - Roxanne Starnick

Honey lips - Part time

La seine - Vanessa paradis

Homecoming - Brainchild

Abandon my toys - Foxygen

Night theme / iggy pop, James Williamson Night theme reprise - Iggy pop, James Williamson

Under the table - Sparks

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Good Morning Keith's Team