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Good Morning Keith Musical Brain Scan Playlist Billy Tibbals

Dear music lovers, we're very thrilled to introduce you today a new Musical Brain Scan!

For this new playlist we are thrilled to introduce you Billy Tibbals, he is an English soul based Hollywood. He is the voice and the mind behind his eponym project: an electric and eccentric music!

We've asked Billy for his Musical Brain Scan, here it is:

Spiral Waltz - Piero Piccioni

Koochie Ryder - Freaky Realistic

A Little Something - Slapp Happy

After The Fox - The Hollies With Peter Sellers

Don't Rain On My Parade - Japan

Firebird - White Noise

Fraulein Love - Space Waltz

Just Visiting - Lynsey De Paul

The Cabriolet - Momus

The Strange Boutique - The Monochrome Set

Lord of the Reedy River - Donovan

A Very Cellular Song - The Incredible String Band

If I Were A Bell - Isabell Bigley

Signed Curtain - Matching Mole

Safe European Home - The Clash

This playlist is also available on Spotify here

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Good Morning Keith's Team