Good Morning Keith Ron Gallo Musical Brain Scan Playlist

We hope that you're having a great week. We're very thrilled to publish a new GMK Musical Brain Scan playlist. For this new episode, we would like to introduce to you Ron Gallo. An American punk-rock inspired musician, singer and composer.

Trying to categorize Ron is like trying to clutch water in your hand. His last album PEACEMEAL is a colorful hodgepodge of 90's Hip Hop, R&B, jazz, weirdo pop and punk music. If you are not already familiar with it, we highly suggest your to give a listen. 

While making the playlist Ron said: "This is a little collection of things I've been listening to heavily over the last year. its all over the place, kind of like i am and life is. musically i am where all of these songs intersect."

We've asked Ron for his musical brain scan, here it is:

Doralice - Stan Getz/Joao Gilberto/Antonio Carlos Jobin

Perfect Hair - DANGERDOOM

Everybody Here Wants You - Jeff Buckley

Liz - Remi Wolf

Down On The Street - The Stooges

Every Day Clothes - Jonathan Richman

25  - Chickpee

My Favorite Things - John Coltrane

Ain't Nice  - Viagra Boys

You Don't Know Me - Caetano Veloso

Lost  - Franck Ocean

Honestly? - American Football

Want Me - Puma Blue

Self - Noname

Tezeta (Nostalgia) - Mulatu Astake

This playlist is also available on Spotify here

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