Good Morning Keith musical brain scan series Pearl Charles

Dear conscious minds, we're very thrilled to introduce you to a new GMK Musical Brain Scan playlist. For this new episode, we would like to introduce to you Pearl Charles. Pearl appears to our world as the modern version of Alice in Wonderland. She has just released an album called "Magic Mirror". From start to finish you float along a reflective river, dancing in the private studio 54 of your living room, decked out of the sequin or nothing. It's a feel good album that asks us to actually take the time to feel good.

It follows the cartography of a girl, growing into a woman, as she moves through life from single-dom, to the expansive space of self-reflection, and the newly appreciated perspective space of self-reflection, and the newly appreciated perspective od coming back together again and finding yourself, this time with someone new.

A love letter to the self, a dance party for life, and at times as introspective as your best trip. Pearl takes us on a journey that, like life & love, has the tendency to surprise, delight, and leave you breathless. All you have to do is let yourself enjoy it.

We've asked Pearl for her musical brain scan, here it is:

Tiger - ABBA

Lost Highway - Hank Williams

Cruel to Be Kind - Nick Lowe

Mr. Natural - Bee Gees

Over & Over - Fleetwood Mac

Travelin' Light - JJ Cale

Can You Get to That  - Funkadelic

November Nights - Gram Parsons

Get It Right Next Time - Gerry Rafferty

Here Comes The Night - The Beach Boys

I Wanna Be Your Mama Again  - Sir Douglas Quintet

I've Got to Convince Myself - Allen Toussaint

When The World's On Fire - The Carter Family

Dance With The Stanger - Dane Donohue

No Use In Crying - The Rolling Stones

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