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Dear sixties souls, we're very thrilled to introduce you to a new GMK Musical Brain Scan playlist. For this new episode, we would like to introduce to you Julien Attias, he is the founder and owner of Woodstore: the coolest guitar shop in Paris. We've simply never met anyone who knows so much about guitars.

If you passing by Paris, this is a must stop. A true monument of Pigalle. For those who are not in town for the moment visit their website. Try to not slob.

We've asked Julien for his musical brain scan, here it is:

The Past Recedes - John Frusciante

Down By The River- Neil Young

Pretty Pimpin - Kurt Vile

End Of The Beginning - Black Sabbath

Love Buzz - Nirvana

I'd Rather Be With You - Boosty Collins

Heart In a Cage  - The Strokes

I Can't Quit You Baby - Led Zeppelin

The Smile - David Axelrod

I Want You ( She's So Heavy) - Eddie Hazel

Last Caress  - Misfits

Waiting Around To Die - Townes Van Zandt

New Rose - Gun N' Roses

Is It Because I'm Black - Syl Johnson

Ethernity Breath, Pt. 1 - Mahavishnu Orchestra

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