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Dear groovy minds, we're very thrilled to introduce you today a new Musical Brain Scan! We hope you're going into november in the most happy way. For this new episode, we would like to introduce you Greta Kline.

She is the songwriter and guitarist/singer behind the band Frankie Cosmos. For the past decade she has been sharing her songs through the web, mainly through bandcamp, where she has over 50 albums ranging from solo demos to studio recordings with the full band. Kline’s art tends to explore small moments and examine personal relationships.

We've asked Greta for her musical brain scan, here it is:

You said that to me Tuesday - Good Morning

Solo - Frank Ocean

Sinaloan restaurant - Dear Nora

As I come of age - Pointer Sisters

Habit - Art Moore

I was well - Juan Wauters

Whisper 2000 - Locate s,1

Tried up - Ama Lou

Air - Incredible String Band

See us - Mia Joy

It hurts me too - Karen Dalton

It’s Lomelda - Lomelda

Every guy - Joey Nebulous

Sweat like freckles - Castle Pasture

Empty Head - Frankie Cosmos

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