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We're very thrilled to introduce you to a new GMK Musical Brain Scan playlist. For this new episode, we would like to introduce to you Samuel Knee. He is the author of "A Scene in Between: Tripping Trough the Fashions of the UK Indie Music 1980 - 1988." which is a must read of our imaginary library. 

"A Scene In Between" looks at Britain's fashions, personalities and youth cultures from that era. Bands featured include Television Personalities, My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Smiths, The Pastels, The Vaselines and more obscure bands such as The Shop Assistants, The Flatmates and countless others. Samuel has reconnected with a vast network of people and resources to unearth literally hundreds of previously unpublished photographs of the bands, fans, clubs and street fashion of the time. Taking a sartorial angle, he looks at anoraks, oversized jumpers, leather trousers, bowl-cut hairdos, blouse shirts, stripey tees and box jackets. Dave Conway of My Bloody Valentine and Douglas Hart of The Jesus and Mary Chain contribute reminiscences.

If you haven't got this book at home, do yourself a favor and get it.

We've asked Samuel for his musical brain scan, here it is:

Transparent Day - The West Coast pop Art Experimental Band

Running Though the Night - The Mystic Tide

I Will Die with My Head in Flames - Felt

Point That Thing Somewhere Else - The Clean

Black Hole - Urinals

Pulse - Loop

Here It Comes  - Meat Whiplash

Reaching My Head - The Prisoners

One of the Guys - MC5

Soul Searchin' - The Litter

Daddy Daddy  - The Birds

Do The Chisel - The Soft Boys

Sunset Trip ('78) - The Riptides

Solace - Sea Urchins

Ride - The Pastels

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