Good Morning Keith musical brain scan series Félix Ramaën

Dear free minds, we hope you had an adventurous psychedelic week-end! As you might have guessed, we will released a new musical brain scan every Monday around midday. It will be our first meeting of the week as we believe: what's better than new music to surf a new week?

For this new Musical Brain Scan we would like to introduce to you Félix Ramaën. He is the bassist of MNNQNS, a post-punk band based in France. 

We've asked Félix for his musical brain scan, here it is:

Elephant Woman - Blonde Redhead

I Don't Think I Love You Anymore - Studio Electrophonique

I Broke My Sword - Moonsters

Peace On The Rise - Chad Vangaalen

Ghost II - Ellah a. Thaun

The Fan and the Bellows - The Chameleons

2020 - SUUNS

It's Gone - The Psychotic Monks

Tree - Servo

Feet - Fat White Family

Jenny Wren - Paul McCartney

Sensaatio - Jaakko Eino kalevi

I Don't Belong -  Fontaines D.C.

Una rotonda sul mare - Fred Bongusto

La petite fille de la mer - Vangelis

This playlist is also available on Spotify here

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Stay Trippy Little Hippies,

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Good Morning Keith's team