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Dear sixties souls, we're very thrilled to introduce you today a new Musical Brain Scan! We hope you are all having a great week, wherever your are may the sun shine bright and hard! It makes life easier.

For this new episode, we would like to introduce you Callum Parker, one of the two guitarists of the band "FEET": An explosive project with a music nurtured by its native "English Weather".

We've asked Callum for his Musical Brain Scan, here it is:

Let's Work Together - Wilbert Harrison

100% Endurance - Yard Act

Beautiful Soul - Katy J Pearson

Shoemaker Levy 9 - Hierophants

Devil In His Heart - The Donays

midnight sun - king krule remix - Nilufer Yanya, King Krule

When I'm in Your Arms - Cleo Sol

Another Lover - Little Dragon

Girls on Film - Duran Duran

Diamons, Fur Coat, Champagne - Suicide

An Stevel Nowydh - Gwenno

Changing My Mind Again - FEET

Just Kissed My Baby - The Meters

Feel Good - slowthai

Hungry Heart - Bruce Springsteen

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