Good Morning Keith musical brain scan series Faye Fearon

Dear free minds, we're very thrilled to introduce you to a new GMK Musical Brain Scan playlist. For this episode, we would like to introduce to you Faye Fearon. She is a fashion consultant and journalist based in Paris.

Born and raised in Liverpool, Faye's earliest cultural fascination was post-punk British music. Attracted to mechanized action, experimentation and lyrics of artistic integrity, her core taste soon caused her to gravitate towards other alternative genres: from krautrock and shoegaze to ambient and psychedelic. In Faye's mind, the characters who created these sounds carried clothing in a truly organic way, because for them, it was a secondly line of expression. This insouciant stance on style serves as the primary source of reference for her journalistic discussions of how we dress today. After working hours, you'll find her somewhere in the depths of Parisian café culture, and en route to her destination, these are the songs that she plays. 

We've asked Faye for her musical brain scan, here it is:

A Forest - The Cure

Transmission - Joy Division

Happy House - Siouxsie and the Banshees

Lips Like Sugar - Echo & The bunnymen

Friction - Television

I'm Straight - The Modern Lovers

Lady Govida's Operation  - The Velvet Underground

Halleluwah - CAN

Cryonic Suspension May Save Your Life - Vanishing Twin

Stangers - Portishead

Saucer-Like - Sonic Youth

She Cried - Rowland S.Howard

Mimi Pretend - Ulrika Spacek

(David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six - The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Svefn-g-englar - Sigur-Rós

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