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We're very thrilled to introduce you today a new Musical Brain Scan! We hope you are surfing this new week in a smooth way. For this new episode we wanted to introduce you Charlie Drinkwater. He is the singer of TV Priest who are a London four-piece that have made music together on and off since their teenage years. 

They’ve just announced their new album My Other People out 17th June via Sub Pop, and it's a record that heals by providing space for recognition, a ground zero from which you’re welcome to stay awhile but which ultimately — realistically — only leads up and out. If you haven't already gave a listen we highly suggest it. It is a pure gem.

With just a few singles and one gig in a warehouse, they were signed to Sub Pop mid-campaign in 2020 and released their debut album Uppers in the height of a global pandemic, which reaped praise from critics and fans alike for its ‘dystopian doublespeak’’. For TV Priest, it is a follow-up that feels truly, properly them; free of bravado, unnecessary bluster or any audience pressure to commit solely to their original sound.

Dampened by the inability to share it live, singer Charlie Drinkwater found the success of the album both gratifying and bad for his mental health as it felt kind of divorced from reality. As such, My Other People intentionally maintains a strong sense of earth-rooted emotion, taking full advantage of the opportunity to physically connect. He set about crafting lyrics that allowed him to articulate a deeper sense of personal truth, using music as a vessel to communicate with his bandmates about his depleting mental health, at a time where he would call himself unwell.

We've asked Charlie for his musical brain scan, here it is:


Lest's Build A Car - Swell Maps

Drag Behind - Fräulein

Take Five - King Tubby

Work It - Marie Davidson

Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin - Snapped Ankles

Held - Smog

Volcano - Kills Birds

Ded Würst - DITZ

Glidin' (feat. slowthai) - Pa Salieu, slowthai

Going Norway - Gilla Band

Yearning - Hinako Omori

Diddy Bop (feat. Cam O'bi & Raury) - Noname, Cam O'bi, Raury

Dark Blue - Caroline

If - Nana Yamato

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