We are very please to feature a new beautiful human being on the Good Morning Keith Diary. Through this interview, discover Joséphine De La Baume and her work with Film Noir. She talks about how she came to music and her approach to clothing.

Good Morning Keith Joséphine De La Baume Film Noir Interview Clothing

Hey Joséphine, could you tell us how you came to music? 

I learnt piano at a young age and my brother learnt piano and guitar and I think it was a way of spending time together we mostly spoke about music as teenagers and then started playing together later on and had a first band together, we signed with Warner France at the time, and then moved on to Film Noir. That was the best way to force my brother to hang out with me. He has no choice now. 

Could you give us your 5 most important records? And maybe 5 that recently caught your attention?

Fontaines DC- Skinty Fia

Bamao Yendé et Le Diouck ~ 55 Degrés perfume genius ~ Ugly Season

Big Thief ~ Dragon New Warm Mountain I believe in You

The new singles from Sorry , their record is coming out soon 

Sorry impossible to keep at 5 only and could keep going .. but stopped at 7 :)

Nas - IIImatic

Rita Mitsouko- The No Comprendo

The Smashing Pumpkins- Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation

Lou Reed - Berlin

Jacques Brel - La Valse à Milles Temps

Leonard Cohen - Songs of Leonard Cohen

What's your relation with clothes? 

I’m a hoarder, so like with any little object or note, I m sentimental with clothes, they are attached to a memory or a story. I often buy some pieces of the wardrobe of characters I play in movies, so again those clothes have memories and a full blown storyline attached to them. 

Good Morning Keith Joséphine De La Baume Interview Film Noir

Do you have any icon when it comes to getting dress? 

I always loved Lauren Bacall, how androgynous she is, highly feminine and highly masculine at the same time. Lots of great suits beautiful hair, the eye brow raise and the deep voice. She was something. 

How do you approach your styling for the stage?

It’s a sort of exaggerated version of myself, which is what this project carries as it’s a cathartic project, the outfits are somber, sensual, slightly Lynchian maybe. I try and keep it cinematic but I don’t really overdo it either. 

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A cashmere blanket and high leather black boots.

It seems that your musical project is strongly inspired by movies, how does cinema affect your writing and artistic direction?

When I write it’s mostly based on personal experiences but then I also have in mind movie scenes or an image from a documentary that pops in the mix , and I probably romanticize my life too in a cinematic way , and so i guess the music becomes the soundtrack of those stories I’m telling in some way.

Good Morning Keith Joséphine De La Baume Interview Film Noir

If Film Noir should be a movie character, who would it be? And how would he be dressed?

It would prob be Gena Rowland in Woman under the Influence by John Cassavetes mixed with Carmen Maura in Women on the Verge of a nervous breakdown by Pedro Almodóvar, maybe a leotard, an oversized jacket or leather coat  printed tights, boots, and leather gloves.

What’s coming next for Film Noir ?

We’re playing Le Point Éphémère oct 4th in paris and then going on tour all over Europe til mid/end of November.

As a parting question, what would you like listeners to take away from your work?

They can take whatever they want from it, some relate to the sorrow and anger of some of the songs, some get drawn to the cinematic aspect of it and some tell me it helped them with their heartbreak as long as they’re immersed in some way in that world we created with Film Noir then I’m happy, it means I got through somehow and now we see a little more eye to eye. 

Good Morning Keith Joséphine De La Baume Interview Film Noir

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All pictures by @julienaussel