If you have followed Good Morning Keith's journey, this face will certainly looks familliar. Being a true source of inspiration to us, we are delighted to introduce to you Andrée Beaubois. He is a composer, musician, stylist and model living in Paris. Andrée has just released his first single "Garçons Sauvages" and is about to deliver to the world a french modern pop EP named "Azur Club".

Weather's getting warmer, sun's getting higher, so pull over we know the man. Make sure to remove the roof of your convertible car cause you're about to cruise the French Riviera.

Good Morning Keith Andree Beaubois Diary Interview

We had the opportunity to ask Andrée a few questions:

Hey Andrée, could you tell us how you came to music?

Hello Julien ! I started music when I was about 16 with my best friend Manuel. We both attended a music school without prior knowledge of any instruments. I played guitar and he played bass and I guess that’s how you start a band. Quite early I wanted to write my own songs, we recorded some of them, toured New Caledonia (where I grew up) for a while and later both of us left for France where we evolved in different bands (Manuel now plays with Lulu Van Trapp).

Could you give us your 5 most important records? And maybe 5 that recently caught your attention?

I feel like my 5 most important records evolve all the time as I tend to have an obsessive way of listening to particular songs for a few weeks and then go on to others. But some of them sticks and right now I would say :

- Scott 4 by Scott Walker

- Ram by Paul McCartney

- Sandinista by The Clash

- Young Americans by David Bowie

- Paris 1919 by John Cale

And I’ll have to stop myself there.

For the 5 that recently caught my attention :

- Water Signs by Claude Violante (especially the song « we go on », such a great song)

- Palais d’argile by Feu! chatterton

- The upcoming album by Julia Jean-Baptiste (i love her song Faux Amours)

- Drama by Alice et moi (her duet with Dani Terreur is a hit)

- And there’s Joachim Sandor, he hasn’t released anything yet but I was on one of his music video and had the chance to hear his songs. And it just hits right every single time. I’m really excited for his music to come out.

If you could have diner with 3 guests (dead or alive), who would you invite? What would you cook?

This question might be the hardest one to answer to. It would definitely depend on the mood but right off the bat I’d say : Romain Gary, Jacques Brel and Olivia de Havilland. I think they’d make a great set of guest for the evening. I guess food wouldn’t be the main concern, but it would certainly be the wine …

Good Morning Keith Diary Andree beaubois Interview

What's your relation with clothes?

When I was just a child I was obsessed with the 1938 version of Robin Hood that I had on a tape in Technicolor. I believe that it left a huge influence on my perception of colours and styling. I’m convinced that clothes are the first way to express yourself, it affirms who you are. Nevertheless, I think it should always be something fun. When I dress up in the morning I’m always projecting “who do I want to be today?”. Life is so dull and short to be overthinking about what people are going to think about what you wear. Always go with something you love and feel good in it, overdressed or underdressed : who cares ?

Do you have any icon when it comes to gettin dress?

Not really, I feel like some pictures inspire me. But there’s no one that sticks out really. It can be men or women : there’s no gender to elegancy and the way someone appropriate a style or an outfit.

Do you approach styling as an extension of your creative process?

I do think that style is an extension of the creative process or at least it represent it. It doesn’t mean that you have to be eccentric to be creative. Just to find the right way to convey your art through the way you present yourself. I try to give a feel of timelessness to my music, a chic pop with a twist and that’s how I want to dress when I’m representing it.

Are clothes playing a role in your musical project?

It does. For my first music video I did the sourcing for the styling and I wanted something that reminded people of the 70s without being outdated. Playing with eras and references that we all share is fun because you can make it into something new, just like the Lavoisier’s law : “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed". It’s a representation of yourself. I love thrift-stores and vintage clothes but I don’t want to be living in another period. I’m quite happy to be living in our age and time, there’s no need to go back. Embrace modernism playfully!

Good Morning Keith Diary Andree Beaubois Interview

We’ve recently discovered Garçons Sauvages which is a really exciting track for a first single! If this track should be an outfit, what would it be?

Cheers! I guess the one I’m wearing in the music video pretty much sums it up. It’s an easy-wear oversize red bowling shirt by Ami and a check blue plants by Walk-in Paris. I feel like it just sums up the summer coloured vibe of the song without being too much (at least to me). I guess that’s what I’d want to wear cruising the French Riviera in a convertible Jaguar!

What’s coming next for Andrée Beaubois?

What’s coming up next is another single entitled “H. Bogart” which will be featured on my first E.P “Azur Club” coming out later this year!

And a parting question, what would you like listeners to take away from your work?

Embrace their sensitivity, listen to their inner feelings and express them. I’ve put all my heart in those lyrics and those songs and so has Clement Roussel, my producer, I’m so glad and proud of the people I’ve worked with on this record and I feel like it shows. Love is all and the only thing that matter.

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