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Iconic vintage unisex tee with short sleeves and rounded collar, UFO Flocked.

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Velvet treated
  • Classic fit
  • Printed in Paris
  • Limited to 100 copies
Good Morning Keith has selected the finest organic cotton to realize this tee. The fabric is certified GOTS et FAIR WEAR. These two labels guarantee quality and ethics all along the production process. 

    What's behind the design?

    Opened in December 1966 and closed in September 1967, the UFO didn't last for long but has highly the British counter-culture scene in London. Co-created by Joe Boyd & John Hoppy Hopkins who is also a founding member of the international Times, it was a place where the motley crowd of Soho could meet. Originally, the founders named the venue "UFO Presents Night Tripper" as they couldn't choose between "UFO" and "Night Tripper".

    As the Fillmore East and the Avalon Ballroom, the gigs were carried on with the light show (mostly made by Jack Henry Moore) and market with beautiful psychedelic posters (all made by Hapshash and the Coloured Coat).

    The venue is well known for having contributed to the ascension of Pink Floyd. They were the first band booked and played there nearly every Friday night. In addition, the UFO has hosted other great bands, festivals, and artists such as Soft Machine, Yoko Ono, Arthur Brown, Jimi Hendrix, and Procol Harum. We have found for you a BBC footage of Pink Floyd performing at the UFO in 1967.

    For half a pound, you could enter this somewhat old-fashioned and dark place, but sublimated by the smell of patchouli, enhanced by the reflections of evening posters.

    Over time, the UFO Club became a victim of its own success and was no longer able to properly accommodate all its visitors. Fearing that his liquor license would be revoked, the owner asked John and Joe Boyd to clear out their clientele and the UFO was left without a permanent home. It was relocated to the Roundhouse in August 1967 and closed 2 months later.

    Maintenace-Tips: Upside-down low-temperature wash

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      Stay trippy little hippies!