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Iconic vintage unisex raglan tee with short sleeves and rounded collar, FILLMORE EAST Flocked.

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Velvet treated
  • Classic fit
  • Printed in Paris
  • Limited to 100 copies
Good Morning Keith has selected the finest organic cotton to realize this tee. The fabric is certified GOTS et FAIR WEAR. These two labels guarantee quality and ethics all along the production process. 

    What's behind the design?

    Opened in 1968 by one of the most influential music promoters of all time Bill Graham. The Fillmore East quickly became the most legendary venue on the East coast. Being the equivalent of the Fillmore West in San Franciso, Bill used to book bands in both venues for 2 days and 4 shows, one at 8 pm and the other at 11 pm. Tickets were 2$ to 5$ which was affordable enough to allow a young audience to dive into the psychedelic shows.

    Some of the greatest bands played gave historical performances such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers Band, Neil Young, The Doors, John Lenon, Frank Zappa, Jefferson Airplane or even Miles Davis Played there. By the way, we've put together our favorite tracks recorded there in a playlist available here.

    One of the inevitable components of the psychedelic experience of the sixties was the light shows. Each important club of the time had its own visual art effects and light specialist. It was sometimes just as important as the band. At the Fillmore East, it was a certain Joshua White who was in charge to catapulted the Fillmore crowds into cosmic depths from which many have not yet returned. Each show was based around four elements: projection of pure color, concrete imagery, variety of color effects, and shaping of the light.

    In 1971, Bill Graham decided to close the Fillmore East because of the changes in the music industries. To this day, Bill Graham is considered as a music legend. He had a profound influence on live music and psychedelic visual art performances. Going to the Fillmore East was a place where you knew you were going to witness something extraordinary.

    Maintenace-Tips: Upside-down low-temperature wash

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